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Our Mission:

To provide hurting individuals with effective, results driven counseling, ministry and coaching that is designed to restore them back to their God-given purpose.

Our vision is to connect with people around the globe, providing you opportunities to discover your unique, God-given purpose, heal your heart and restore your dream.

As transformational coaches and counselors, our mission is to team together, providing a safe place for clients to receive effective, results-driven counseling, ministry and coaching designed to restore our participants back to their God-given purposes.

In the collaboration of the “Your Ever-Evolving Self” program, through our Blogtalk Radio Show and our online webinars, we will help you drill down to the root of the challenges you face, helping you work to a solution.

Lisa Darrell I decided to become a Grief and Loss Coach in 2003 after I lost my son Damian. After his death in Feb. 2002, my life was at an all-time low, and simply surviving day-to-day was a major challenge for me. At times I couldn’t even imagine being happy again or living a normal life.


But throughout my entire life I’ve been told how strong, optimistic and positive people think I am. After my loss, I was bound and determined to survive, push forward, make something out of my circumstances, and have happiness no matter what it took. I realized I had a choice to make between having an amazing life, or being bogged down in the sadness and the misery and staying that way forever. I chose to live, and discovered that I alone am responsible for creating the life I lead, and that the answer to my problems or questions is all INSIDE of me… LISA.

With that discovery, I realized the same is true of everyone else too! It was then I made it my mission to help others realize this about themselves as well. Thus the idea of becoming a Grief and Loss Coach was born. What better way to make my son’s death have a positive impact, than to help others survive and move forward. After looking around at family, friends and associates who need help in the area of health and wellness, I decided to become a coach in that area, too.

Now, here I am………a Certified Grief & Loss Coach, Health & Wellness Coach & Minister, with the training and skills necessary to help people succeed. But more than that, I’m also someone who firmly believes that YOU and I CAN DO ANYTHING.

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As a lifetime entrepreneur, I started several businesses in my youth, entered into network marketing in the late 80’s, and in the early 1990′s I owned and operated “Premier Limousine Service”. When the failing market forced that business to close, I turned to real estate, maintaining a license for seven years.

Like many of my clients, my life’s goal is to be my own boss, set my own hours, and have the freedom to live life on my terms. Although the businesses I’ve maintained over the years allowed me time to do just that, I was looking for something else.

Having a personal endearment to small business owners and entrepreneurs, armed with specialized expertise, I started a consulting/coaching company to help business owners weed through the Internet, and capitalize on the new way that business is being conducted. It brings me great joy to educate and equip entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills needed to grow their businesses using online marketing strategies.

Currently, as Dean and Founder of Relationship Marketing Academy, I conduct my own weekly trainings, and am invited to speak to various business groups around Anchorage.

In working with my community, I began speaking at a local library, volunteering at the YWCA,
teaching classes to new business owners and low income women, A.W.A.I.C (Abused Women’s Aid In Crisis), The Mother Lawrence Foundation and Kids Kitchen.

There is nothing like bringing hope into the lives and businesses of entrepreneurs and individuals who are on the verge of giving up on their dreams. I encourage them daily to be sociable and share!


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